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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 22, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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into afghanistan. we'll pause for a moment as we restart our coverage in the top of the hour for the president's address to the nation. c >> welcome back to washington. i am bret baer this is president obama coverage. the o'reilly factor will begin following the president's address. we'll get an update from senior white house affairs. >> good evening, bret. the president will announce arey i american soldiers leaving afghanistan this year and the remainder of the surge out by next summer. the officials say it is in the range ofs that general petraeus gave him some fasters
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and slower. on election night in 2012 there will be far more soldiers in afghanistan than when the president took office. the president will remind the country counting troop withdrawals in iraq there are far fewer soldier in combat and they will finalize the plan to get all troops out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. >> thank you very much. it will be interesting to see what the commanders say after this speech. we turn to the white house. this speech will be delivered in the east room of the white house. the president expected to walk down the cross hall in the middle of the mansion. the president on the draw down as predicted in afghanistan. we are told that the peach is expected to last 10 minutes. he does not have an audience in the east room of the white house. you can see him walking out. the president of the united states.
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>> good evening. nearly 10 yearrs ago, american suffered the worst attack on our shores since pearl harbor. this mass murder was planned by osama bin laden and his al-qaida network in afghanistan . signaled a new threat to our security. one in which the targets were no longer soldiers on the battlefield but innocent men, women and children going about their daily lives. in the days that followed our nation was united as we struck at al-qaida and routed the taliban in afghanistan. then our focused shifted. a second war was launch in iraq and we spent enormous blood and treasure to support a new government there. by the time i took office, the war in afghanistan had entered its seventh year and al-qaida leaders escaped in pakistan and plotting new attacks. the pakistan regroup gone on the offensive.
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without a new strategy and deceasive action military commanders warned that we could face a resurgent al-qaida and taliban taking over afghanistan. for this reason and one of the most difficult decisions i made as president i ordered additional 30,000 american troop in afghanistan. when i announced the surge at west point, we set clear objectives to refocus on al-qaida, to reverse the taliban's momentum . train afghan security forces to defend their own country. i also made it clear that our commitment would not be open ended and we would draw down our forces this july. tonight, i can tell you that we are fulfilling that commitment. thanks to our extraordinary men and women in uniform our civilian personnel and many coalition partners, we are meeting our goals. as a result, starting next
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month, we'll be able to remove 10,000, of our troops from afghanistan by the end of this year and bring home a total of 33,000 troops by next summer fully recovering the surge i announced at west point. after the initial reduction our troops will continue to come home in a steady pace as afghan security forces move in the lead. our mission will change from combat to support. by 2014, this process of transition will be complete and the afghan people will be responsible for their own security. we are starting this draw down from a position of strength. al-qaida is under more pressure than at any time since al-qaida. together with the pakistanies we took out half of al-qaida leadership and thanks to intelligence professionals and special forces we killed osama bin laden, the only leader that al-qaida had ever known.
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this was a victory for all who served since 9/11. one soldier said the message is that we don't forget. you will be held accountant no matter how long it takes. the information that we uncovered from bin laden compound shows al-qaida under strain. bin laden expressed concern that al-qaida had been unable to replace senior terrorist that was killed and al-qaida failed in its portrayal of american ms. enemy of islam. al-qaida remains dangerous and we must be vigulentt against attacks. but we put al-qaida on a path to defeat and we will not reulentt until the job is done. in afghanistan, we have inflicted serious losses on the taliban and taken a number of strongholds. along with the surge allies increased theirr commitments and helped to stabilize the countryy. afghan security forces have
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grown by own 100,000 troops and some provinces and municipalities we have transitioned the responsibility for security to the afghan people. afghans are fighting and dying for their countryy, establishing local police forces and opening markets and schools and creating new opportunities for women and girls and trying to turn the page on decades of war. of course, huge challenges remain. this is the beginning, but not the end of our effort to wind down this war. we'll have to do the hard work of keeping the gains that we have made while we draw down the forces and transition responsibility for security to the afghan government. next may in chicago, we'll host a summit with nato allis and partners to shape the next phase of the transition. we do know that peace cannot come to a landd with so much war without political segment.
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as we strengthen afghan security forces. america will join in reconciling the afghan people including the taliban. they must be led by the afghan government and those who want to be a part of the peaceful afghanistan must break with al-qaida and abide by the afghan constitution. in part of our military effort, we have reason to believe that progress can be made. the goal that we seek is achievable and can be expressed simply, no safe haven from which al-qaida or affiliates launchh attacks against our homeland or allies. we'll not try to make afghanistan a perfect place or patrol the streets or mountains indefinitely. that is the responsibility of the afghan government which must step up to protect its
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people and moved from a economy shaped by war to one that can sustain a lasting peace. we'll build a partnership with the afghan people that endures and one that insure that is we will target the terrorist and supporting a sovereign afghan government. of course, our everies must also address terrorist safe haven in pakistan. no country is more endangered by the presence was extremist. we'll try to encourage pakistan in securing a more peaceful future for the war-torn region. we'll work with the pakistani government and insists that it keeps its commitments. so long as i am president, the united states will never tolerate a safe haven for those who aim to kill us. they cannot elude us or escape the justice they deserve. my fellow americans, this has
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been a difficult decayed for - decade for our country. we have learned the cost of war. a cost paid by 4500 americans that have given their lives in iraq and 1500 that have done so in afghanistan. men and women who will not live to enjoy the freedom they defended. thousands more have been wounded. some have lost limbs on the battlefield and others battle the demons that followed them home. yet tonight, we take comfort in knowing that the tide of war is receding. fewer of our sons and daughters are serving in harm's way. we have ended our combat mission in iraq with 100,000 american troops out of that country and even though there will be dark days ahead in afghanistan, the lightt of secure peace can be seen in the distance. the long wars will come to a responsible end.
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as they do, we must learn their lessons. already this decade of war has caused many to question the nature of america around the world. some would have america to retreat as an anchor . be in isolation that ignores the threats we face. others would have america overextend confrontting every evil. we must chart a centered course. like generations before we must embrace america's role in events. we must be strategic as resolute. when threatened we will respond with force. when that force can be targeted we need not deploy large armies over seas. innocent are slaughtered we don't have to choose as
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standing idly by. we must rally know international action. we are doing that in libya. we don't have a single soldier on the ground. but supporting allis and libyan people and giving them a chance to determine their own destiny. in all we do, what sets america is apart is not solelyy our power. it is the principle upon which our union was founded. we are a nation that brings our enemies to justice and adhering to the rule of law and respecting the rightts of all of our citizens. we protect our own freedom and prosperity by extending it to others. we stand not for empire but self determination . that is why we have a stake in the democratic aspirations that are washing over the arab world . we'll support those revolutions for our ideals and power of our example . unwavering belief that all human beings deserve to life
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with freedom and dignity. above all, we are a nation whose strength abroad has been anchored in opportunity for our citizens here at home. over the last decade we have spent a trillion dollars on war. at a time of rising debt and hard economic times. now we must invest in america's greatest resource, our people. we must unleashh invasion to create new jobs and industries and live within our means. we must rebuild our frastructure and find new cleann sources of energy and most of all after a decade of passionate debate, we must recapture the common purpose that we shared in the beginning of this time of war. for our nation draws strength from our differences and when our union is strong, no hill is too steep. no horizon is beyond our reach. america, it is time to focus on nation building here at
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home. in this effort we draw inspiration from our fellow americans that sacrificed so much on our behalf. to our troops, our veterans and their families, i speak for all americans when i say we will keep our sacred trust with you and provide you with care and benefits and opportunity that you deserve. i met some of the patriotic american in fort campbell. a while back i spoke to 101 airborne that fought to turn the tide in tan stan and the team that took out osama bin laden. standing in front of a model of bin laden's compound, the navy seal who led that effort paid tribute to those who have been lost. brother and sisters in arms whose names are written in bases where our troops stand guard over seas and head stones in quiet corners of the country where the memory will never be forgotten. the officer like many others i
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met in base in baghdad and walter weed and bethes danaval hospital. spoke with humility about how his union're unit worked as one and depended on each other and as a family might do in the time of peril. that is a lesson worth remembering. that we are all part of one american family. that we have known disagreement and division, but we are bound together by the creed that is writ nen our founding documents and a conviction that the united states of america is a country that can achieve whatever it sets out to accomplish. now let us finish the work at hand. let us responsibly end these wars and reclaim the american deleem that is at the center of our story. with confidence in our cause and faith in our fellow citizens and hope in our hearts. let us go about the work of tending the promise of america
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for this generation and the next. may god bless our troops and may god bless the united states of america. >> president barack obama in the east room of the white house. president obama promised the draw down of troops in afghanistan and talked about that in this speech. in the 13 minute speech, the president said the draw down of 30,000 u.s. troops is the beginning and not the end of the effort to wind down the war in afghanistan. a move he said comes from a position of strength where al-qaida is seeking to regroup after killing the leader of osama bin laden. the president said huge challenges remain and adding that we will not try to make afghanistan a perfect place or police its streets and patrol his mountains indefinitely. the president said it is time to focus on building back here at home. the president called afghanistan karzai and other
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world leaders. house speaker boehner released a statement including this quote. we all want to bring our troops home but must insure the gains we made are not jeopardize. continuing to degrade al-qaida must take prorpt. it is my hope that the president will listen to the question on the groundd . indicated columnist. charles? >> this is a remarkable speech. a commander-in-chief who tripled the number of our troop in afghanistan and launched us in the intervention in libya delivering what is an anti-war speech. this speech in which he said we have to come home and rebuild america . the era of the wars is ending . this is a speech that prepares him for the presidential
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campaign and he said it is the beginning of the end . he did that rather cleverly by twice citing and spending significant amount of time on the bin laden operation as a way to say, this is what i have done . if all of this is a result of 9/11, it is time to essentially come home and he included a detail about the with drawl of the surge troops to be complete in september implying that consideration of politics, the election next year and not what the commanderos the ground had wanted which is driving the troops from afghanistan. he is preparing the electorate and present himself as a man against the war and end it . without using success or victory. >> was this a tip of his hat to the left and his and will they be satisfied? >> no. they believe that 10,000 this
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summer is not enough and even when he with draws all 33,000 it will not be enough. it will be still be the double amount of troops he had when he came in office. measuring all of the troop reductions in iraq and afghanistan, he also put in a plug for libya and i believe he believes that in trying to present he's trying to buy breathing space and he wouldn't mentioned it as steve mentioned the role of the pakistan . explicit shift from the counter insurgent to the counter terrorism strategy and getting out bin laden and the vice-president had advocated. he will not mention it in the speech but if you read between
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the lines, we'll not do give up but do it "ly behind the scenes. >> he is announcing the war when the fighting is over. the war hasn't been won yet and he made clear after the reduction in troops and with drawl of the surge troops, that the rest of the troops would be brought home at a steady pace. this is going to have two affects. one practical side of things will mean that the united states can't press its advantage to nato or from the south or east which was the plan all along and the reduction of the surge troops by 2012 will mean we can't do that. and psychological affects are large and profound and we felt those since the president announced in december 2009 that we would begin a withdrawal. how do you ask a afghan residents to provide you intelligence when you are telling them that we are
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ending the war and we are going to be gone? >> complete wrap up on special report tomorrow. thanks for watching and good night from washington and o'reilly factor starts right now. >> i am bill o'reilly and we'll have excellent analysis of the president's address. first what you think about the afghan war. survey said. for the first time majority of americans want usstroop in afghanistan home as soon as possible. 56 percent say that and 39 percent believe we should leave them until the situation was stabilized. the americans say 57 that the afghan war was right thing to do. 56 percent say it is unlikely
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that afghanistan will have a stable government after the u.s. military leaves. president obama knows he must get on the right side of the folks and he is with drawing more troops quicker than commander general petraeus wants and that is not good. general petraeus has been success envelope iraq and now afghanistan. but no question that americans have had enough. fight nothing muslim nations cost this country way too much in blood and treasure. the president said we must do things differently. nation building not possible any longer and since we invested 10 years and more than half trillion dollars in afghanistan, it would be foolish and responsible to allow the taliban to win. i hope president obama understands that and if he loses, the new president must understand it as well. mark. who worked on the afghan strategy under president obama
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and and cornel hunt. >> what say you? >> i think it is time to end this. it is 280 provinces in afghanistan, bill. we only have control of 29 for the afghan government after 10 years. we have had success on the ground military and we are supporting a corrupt government. two billion a week. our military is exhausted and we have lost a lot of great guys it is time to stop and it worked in killing al-qaida and bin laden. but the nation building part has not worked and it can't for another five or 10 years. >> and you are saying that he didn't announce enough troops coming out and pack everybody up and say let's go; is that what you are saying? >> no the phase withdrawal is fight. we'll still have 68,000 which is more. you will not pull them out all
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all once. >> do you have confidence that the afghan troops again going on more than 10 years of training these people will defend themselves against the taliban? >> no. they are not doing it now and will not do it then? >> they are good fighters and they're not cowards. why can't they fight? >> they ignore the lines and fight a good guerrilla action but organized military, they can't even read. they have a loww literacy rate, we can't get them to read first. >> they are not literate enough to fight. i can't understand. all of the polls say that the afghan people hate the. so why won't they fight them so we don't have to? i don't get it. >> they are fighting them and we have made gains. but president obama didn't say
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we took away all of the safe havens. we took away that is the problem. the battle is not won. general petraeus made progress, but it still needs time. he was not given enough troop in the first place to take on both strong hold in the the south and east. he focused his forcos the south and took away the strongholds. >> the colonel hunt said with authority by the way, he may know, the colonel knows the theater. you can't do it in a country that big and primitive with no air force or navy or nothing like that. you can't pacify a country that large. it is impossible and we have to take the gains we made and say see ya, you handle it. >> i disagree with you. you are right. we can't pacify the country. but the whole point of a
8:25 pm
counter insurgent is provide security so they will join the fight. >> you can't provide security for every mountain village and back water. you can't even get there. there is only one paved road in the country and you would have to massivelyy increase american presence and the american people have had enough. >> we did increase the american presence and made real progress on the ground taking place. but the president is pulling the run out from under general petraeus at the moment he is making progress. >> no. 29 provinces is all they have control of out of 280 and whatever you do in afghanistan, mark is for naught without getting at the pakistan issue. we have killed al-qaida down to the nub. we have fought and fought to kill 30 a day on the taliban. it is not working as longg as we have the issue in pakistan. our soldiers have done a great jobb.
8:26 pm
we were not there to nation build. we are there to kill al-qaida for september and like iraq we got pull in nation building. >> i don't agree we got pull in nation building. we are trying to leave a country where the afghan people can control their own fate. >> wait, wait, karl. >> marc, how much time does it take for the afghan people to take up arms and defend themselves? it is 10 years now. >> general petraeus is running the counter insurgency. he took the strongholds away from the taliban in the south and now defending against the counter offensive from the taliban and next year take the east and train the afghan security fores so you with draw them by 20 thereto 144. >> you are not going to keep troop in there to 2014 and if he loses the election, the
8:27 pm
next president will do so unless it is ron paul and we don't think that will happen. >> it seems like enough time to defend themselves. >> except the problem is, he's pulling out the rug from the counter insurgency effort. it would be enough time if we left the surge forces in long enough. he's pulling them out too soon. >> good debate. good debate. we appreciate it, guys. >> next on the run down. president obama said fighting in libya not a hostile action. general wesley clarkk will react to that. and miller will respond . san francisco trying to ban gold fish. we'll be right back. fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds.
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>> in addition to the afghan conflict the u.s. in iraq and participating in the libyan action. obama administration told congress american forces are not facing hostilities. if they were president obama would have to seek approval. is bombing not a hostile action. joining us from little rock, arkansas general wesley clarkk. no hostilities in libya who knew. >> i think we pulled out of
8:31 pm
the hostilitis and there is a time power that i recall in which you have to if you keep them engaged you have to report. we are involved in integrated chain of command and not involved in the direct bat. >> we are flying mission. >> we may be flying missions but we are not dropping war -- >> isn't that splitting hairs? why doesn't the president go to congress and like the support. >> it is a judgment of the law and he looked at the law. i don't think he said anything to indicate mr. qaddafi will get away with it and my guess would be that eventually natie will come together and tough it up and maybe the united states will have to put forces in there. >> if i were president obama i would take it to congress and explain my position and say this is the right thing to do and hope that the congress
8:32 pm
will along with me and then pull out. that's the system. i don't like the dancing business. >> he's trying to. >> you know he's dancing. sing and dance. >> there is no vital u.s. interest in libya and no reason to have u.s. troops to risk their lives in libya. >> you know, i do think that we are involved in combat missions over there, i could be wrong. as far as afghanistan is concerned. you heard a good debate from colnet hunt and mark, i fall on the side of petraeus. i think the guy is a tactical genius and if he told me keep them in another year and we'll have a good story to tell. i would keep them in another year. would i be wrong? >> i am on the side of david petraeus. he's an outstanding leader and
8:33 pm
done a great job in iraq and afghanistan. the president looks at a broader and deeper picture. the reason we went there in the first place was not to defeat the taliban or build a nation in afghanistan. it was to go after al-qaida and we dealt them a bloww. now al-qaida in yemen and other places. i think we have to be very much aware of our power and deploy it to meet the threat in the most appropriate way. i think we have to leave afghanistan in a responsible way. it seemed like the president fulfilled his obligations as commander-in-chief. >> here's the hole in the agreement. president bush said clearly to them. you have to take action against al-qaida. you have to get them. he gave us the proverbial finger . we went in to remove omar and
8:34 pm
not bin laden . that's what a lot of the people don't understand. we went in to remove the taliban from power which we did very, very quickly. we removed them from power . now they may come back after a half trillion dollar invest more than 1500 lives and thousands more wounded. if general petraeus said to me as president, you need another year at full strength, i give them the other year because it lookks like president obama's playing politics now and looking at the polls and knows he's in trouble for reelection and playing to the left wing base. that may not be in his heart but what it looks like. >> you think david petraeus told him he could guarantee it in another year. >> all told petraeus didn't want the deployment as quickly as he announced tonight. >> of course not. no general want to give up a third of the troop strength
8:35 pm
for other reasons. it is the job of the president to see the bigger picture. >> but is the president looking out for himself for reelection purposes or is he looking out for the country, because as you just. petraeus proved his mettle on the battlefield. >> you have an army that is exhausted at this point and marine corp and other national security challenges and budget challenges. if this economy doesn't start creating job, you will have a national security problem . the leaders admire our military. you have a great military and congratulations on getting bin laden. too bad you can't create job in america. that is the real issue. >> i understand . i the president said it tonight, we have to rebuild this country. it would be a shame if this taliban outfit reconstitutes and comes back from pakistan
8:36 pm
and takes power. i appreciate you coming on. it was an interesting discussion. >> governor tim pawlenty is a stand up guy after i compared him to vanilla ice cream . dennis miller on more craziness in san francisco and the president's afghan speech up ahead. i love that my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have cess to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. bridgestone is using natural rubber, researching ways to enhance its quality and performance, and making their factories more environmentally friendly.
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we use verizon tablets, smartphones. we're more responsive. there are no delays. delays cost money. with verizon, we do things quicker and more effectively. more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier because they know the small business with the best technology rules. i cold chris wallas that governor tim pawlenty is vanilla and must get more exciting . he billed the race card a good line? >> governor, i was trying to give you good advice. >> bill, what is the best selling flavor of ice cream. >> vanilla. >> why is that >> because it is boring. >> no, no. >> predictable and. >> they know what they are
8:40 pm
getting. >> you know what i am talking about. a big field. her man cain . ron paul and romney and you are coming out of no where and i thought you needed to be more showy and you said it very well. it is not my personality. i am a stable guy and i do it my way like frank sinatra once sang. you heard president obama basiclyy say he has control of the afghan situation and what he's doing is a methodical disengaugement. >> i thought his speech was deeply concerning and how he phrased the outcome of the war. we need to end the war responsibly. when america goes to war america needs to win and close it out successful not nation building, but follow general
8:41 pm
petraeus's advice and get those security forces built up to the point where they pick up the slack as we draw down. >> would you put more military people in there? >> i supported the surge and i would have support today at a higher level that was originally recommended and i supported president obama's decision to surge. but shows a window of thinking. on the night that he announced the surge he announced the withdrawal. >> that was a tactical. >> bill, he's doing it again tonight. >> why is he doing it? is he doing it because he sincerely 56 percent of the american people do, we have to get the heck out of there. polls show majority of the people want out of there. does he believe that or playing to the base to get votes for his reelection
8:42 pm
campaign? >> the latter. i have been there three times and met with general petraeus we need two yearrs to get this thing to the point of security and stability and drive down the troops responsibly . that's what he told the president. you are having the president to tell general petraeus most insightful guy. i know better. even in the next year and a half this should be based on conditions on the ground and success not responsible wind down and jumping over the real mission and stabilizing the security of the country. >> how do you sell your point of view to a skeptical american public. colonel hunt said even after 10 years we only have 10 percent of the afghan provinces under control. we have a corrupt guy running afghanistan, karzai. by all accounts, this guy is a nasty piece of work .
8:43 pm
he can't rally his own people, karzai. they hate him . so how do you sell after 10 years, half trillion investtment and we got 1500 dead, and thousands more maimed in afghanistan. how do you sell that to the american public who said we have had enough. >> keep in mind where most of the people are in afghanistan. you know from your trip there kabul and kandahar. >> you can't tell and you can't pacify the whole country. tamer lane. >> you could have swung the surge troop to from the south to the east. here's how you sell it we are there for justified reasons for 10 years and we had so much money and treasure and sack foyce and blood and lostt - loss of life. to leave now until we are at a
8:44 pm
successful conclusion is a grave mistake and not only dishonors that commitment that people have made. >> i tend to agree with you and i said this three times. i would follow general petraeus's recommendation if i were the president of the united states. did you know the clean energy resources deal. where did that come from and like the cleann energy stuff. i think we all want clean energy but what about a speech of afghanistan? >> it goes back to the political point and throws in the libya and international approach is a centralized way forward. if he acted promptly in libya. he created the vital interest. if you leave qaddafi to set there and guess who his target is going to be as he thumbs his nose to the united states of america.
8:45 pm
president obama created a new and vital interest in libya which you can't leave qaddafi there now. >> when you come to new york. i will take you to caravel and get you vanilla and get you hot fudge. >> i am not running for clown in chief go to vegas or broadway. >> i am buying. >> all right. all right. i am taking you up on it. >> nice to see you. >> plenty more ahead. dennis miller all upset that san francisco is trying to ban gold fish and warning about labels and his analysis was president's speech. miller is next . aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
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>> tonight in southern california listened with interest to the president's speech. miller, any beef with the president tonight? >> he had all of the things they have to do the commander-in-chief thing and the one that holds the most sway. i try to stay out of the way. i am a comic for god's sake and on the political side not too pristeen. all i know is this. there is two things with barack obama. talking wise. face facts he's speech aifying he blows more smoke than the basilica than the announcement to the pope. he's been a killing machine and brought out the innergeorge patton on the left and they are blood thirsty. he killed bin laden and going across state lines and doing surges. i am pretty happy.
8:50 pm
drones killing enemies from up above. go roman and he's more roman . talking like this. he has to apiece the code pink chicks and keep them on the reservation to get relected. i don't judge him by what he talks about. but he's a killing machine. >> and as far as afghanistan is concerned. the american public has turned against the war there and we are all exeisted and we can't nation build any longer. are you in that crew? >> i don't think we should build. i think the military should go in and break stuff . i am 57 and we'll be back there. there will be the next moron and we'll have to bloto one of these people to get everybody's attention. you turn kids in crossing guard and they will get killed
8:51 pm
not even fighting as well as they could. that breaks my heart. half step it. you might as well bring them home. but i guarantee you in the next 30 years we'll have to vaporize the bad guys. >> and the fda announced this week. have you ever been a smoker? >> no. i might have snuck one in the tree house when i was a kid. >> i had a tarryton. was that a cigarette? >> that is a code the kids use for heroin. >> no, someone in my neighborhood. i had a parliment or malborough when i was 11 and i turned green. i couldn't. it was something and that was the end of that . now, the fda is telling the cigarette companies look, even though everybody knows that cigarette smoking causes cancer and if you don't know it doesn't matter and you are not smart enough to live.
8:52 pm
we'll have you put a label on with the dead guy. >> yeah, at this point, if you are saying you don't know cigarettes are bad for you, you are lying through the blow hole of your trachea. they are bad . i have new trading card and i will give you a tony rookie card for that mickey mantel and the questionable lip canker. they are bad for us . you shouldn't inhale and these people are blowing it out . it is time to settle down. listen, here's the way i look at it. i am a pragmatic man like you. god gave two lungs. one for smoking and one for breathing. >> is this the nanny state. 20 percent of every package of cigarette that is cost 27 dollars with all . taxes in it. it is covered with a dead guy or a guy with a tracheon
8:53 pm
themy. that is the government's new man date. >> i am in the point with the nanny state. if someone said give me one lump sum, 10,000 payment for me to get out of your life with all of this crap. i would hand it over in a second. i don't want to know most of the you. what are you telling me to do all of the time. i am not a smoker. mend your own garden or mind your own garden. >> you can't mend a garden. >> mend your own clothing. >> and talking about the nanny state. san francisco is like the san francisco is the nanny state of all time and they don't want gold fish. yeah. >> cute adorable gold fish in the city limits, miller. >> what is next after gold fish. cheetoss and funyans. or told golf fish.
8:54 pm
san francisco is going to hell in a hand basket. you can't circumicize or going to mac donald and super size or criticize. or all you can to romantize about fanaticizing . pretty soon. muss lina hanging down the golden gate with the crows pecking. how did they get involved in all of this? >> from what i understand, the city council of san francisco believed that the marketing of golf fish is cruel because they remove the gold fish from the water and they put it in a tank. and that is, can't. the gold fish want to be free. wasn't there a movie about that. >> beautiful song with that, too . the chorus was blurb, blurb,. gold fish might not want to
8:55 pm
live in san francisco because it is a uptight whinny place, okay. thankfully i did read in a story in the san francisco chronicle, you can still circumize a gold fish in san francisco . if you ever seen that. they come in and tiny and frogmen gear and exacto knife it is a holy ceremony, billie. >> you know the tragedy of all of this? >> what is the tragedy? the homeless gold fish in san francisco. >> exactly. >> what about the midget hoarders golf fish. >> and the transgender gold fish. what size should i wear to westbury. >> and all right . we'll have more on the gold fish in san francisco, dennis miller, give them a hand. miller is referred to in 75 percent of the tickets. billie o'reillier fresher show
8:56 pm
in long island. they vanished in the night. check it out at bill o' we have a linkk and don't miss his show. anything can happen . if you have a gold fish bring it to the show. coming right back with a big interview that will break major news tomorrow.
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
>> bill: no mail because of the president's speech. tomorrow, newt gingrich will
8:59 pm
be here on the factor. yesterday his fundraising people quit. what the heck is going on inside the gingrich campaign? we'll find out, tomorrow. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. talking points memo if you came in late posted there. spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, when writing us do not are parsimonious in expressing yourself. parsimonious, great word. my dad was parsimonious. he was! if you said that to him, hey dad you're parsimonious. that would have been not a good thing to do. that would have ignited some debate. much of it nonverbal. [ laughing ] >> killing a little time that's all right. thanks for watching the


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